Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack

So, as some of you already know, I've lost my freakin' mind over The Man With The Iron Fists...DESPITE the critics' apparent dislike of the movie.

Because, y'know, most people go to a martial arts movie expecting freakin' Hamlet.

Suffice it to say, I'm gonna give my two cents beyond "WATCH" in a later installment of Netflix This: Hot and Current.  In the meantime, care to enjoy some RZA wit' meh?

The Wu-Tang Clan / Kool G Rap - Rivers of Blood

And I DEFINITELY saved the best for last….

The Black Keys featuring RZA - The Baddest Man Alive

And how about a bonus track~?

BLACK KEYS ft RZA & Pharaohe Monch Dollars Sense

Now, you didn’t hear it from ME…but SOMEONE has an entire playlist up where you can hear everything~!  Why dontcha check it out starting here:

And hey, if you LIKE the album, freakin’ drop a ten-spot on it at yer local Best Buy, y’heard?  Try before you buy only works if you BUY. :3  Let’s show the industry they don’t know shit. <3

For the most part, I went into the movie expecting Afro Samurai-level goodness...and I got it. :D


~That Bastard

12/29/13  UPDATE - So, funny story.  I figured I should redesign the blogs since, y'know, some of the pages weren't workin'.

Then it dawned on me that it's probably just 'cuz Blogger has changed somethin' and I can't post more than three videos or so.  Hell, with the way Youtube is goin', who knows how strange thing's'll get. :3

Be seein' you guys in 2014~!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just An Eclectic Mix of Awesome

Man, have I been in a weird mood as of late.  Mostly Epic Lloyd's "Pawn" and that "Poetaster and the Singing Dolls" songs have been on my list, but also Epic Rap Battles of History, both "Frank Sinatra Versus Freddy Mercury" and "Dr. Seuss versus William Shakespeare."

I dunno why.

Anyway, let's pop up some of the OTHER songs I've been really into as of late, yeah?


Deep Cotton - We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out

Racer X - Technical Difficulties

Cusco - Kokopelli's Dream

Trance Atlantic Air Waves - okay, a quick note.  TAAW was a side project of Enigma, and I don't even know how many albums they put out.  I heard TAAW's "The Energy of Sound" back when I was, like...19?  20?  Yeah, roughly around the age of 17 or 18 (the album came out in 1998, so there), and I fuckin' fell in love with this album.  ESPECIALLY Crockett's Theme and Axel F.

TAAW - Axel F

The Smile On My Face (Formulah)

Basement Jaxx - Hot and Cold

Yeah...can you tell what mood I've been in lately?  'Cuz I can't.  That's not even countin' the metal I've been listenin' to...I mean, I dunno.

Bah, whatever.


~That Bastard