Friday, October 12, 2012

Fantarding About A Youtuber

Y'know, I blame Ace ( for this.

So the past week or so, I keep gettin' into stuff that I've been puttin' off for, like, a year.  Movies, songs, stuff like that.

It BEGAN, though, with EpicLLOYDs' "Pawn."

Ho.  Lee.  Shit.

Fuckin' AWESOME!

So, I reckon that's what this particular episode of Soothe is all about, y'know?  EpicLloyd-based goodness.


Dis Raps for Hire - Episode 6

Epic Rap Battles of History - Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

Epic Rap Battles of History - Mario Bros versus Wright Bros

Pawn (I just can't stop LISTENING to this freakin' song!)

What can I say, the brotha's fuckin' good~!

~That Bastard