Friday, September 28, 2012

Stuff I've Been Into Lately

Stuff I've Been Into Lately Yeaaaaap. Mass media may suck and is an awesome tool to control and confuse the masses with, but every now and then you get a real gem amongst the crap. One of those is this awesome song from the Borderlands 2 commercial.

"What Makes A Good Man" by The Heavy, who is just....fuckin' heavy!

THIS is actually a find from Ace (, and it's fuckin' awesooooome. Funny story, Karas part 1 is up over at Netflix. :D But this isn't Netflix, so I ain't gonna talk about it, lol.

"Karas Theme (Remix)" by Afrobeat

 For comparison, here's the original Battle Theme of Karas...

Ever since I watched Empire Records last week, this has been STUCK in my freakin' head. Enjoy~!

"A Girl Like You (Never Met A Girl Like You Before)" by Edwyn Collins. If you don't like this song, please never come back to Sooth(e), you both unwanted and unloved.

 Oh jesus christ, THAT is a fuckin' song! Someone recently talked to me about Ghost Writer. Y'remember, that old PBS show? With the ghost? And it...well...writes? Well IIIII fuckin' loved that show, and tried to catch it as much as I could Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego. Not the cartoon (though that was fairly excellent too), but the actual game show. God I fuckin' loved that game show. Anyway, RJD2 did that song, apparently. Or he remixed it? Either way, fuckin' awesome.

"Ghostwriter" by RJD2

J'adore cette musique, and so should you. :3 And now for two bonus songs before I head out, yeah? Seein' as to how now I'm TOTALLY in the mood for 'em... First off, jesus christ where HASN'T this song been sampled or used? Dig it.

"Here I Am (Come and Get Me)" by Al Green his-ever-luvin'-self~!

Have I shared this with you guys yet? I don't care. It's "Shake That," one of those AMV-ajiggers those weeaboo kids do nowadays. "Shake That" by...uh....shit, I dunno. Supposedly the Editor is Arczi, I guess that'd who'd the credit go to?

 Hope ya found somethin' new~! Hey, if you find a link that doesn't work in the backlog, lemme know sometime, yeah?  Otherwise, hey - y'know yer boy's ALWAYS got stuff for ya~!

Catch ya 'round~!

~That Bastard

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Ask for it by name, seek me out as Thomas Duder, or find the ISBN/ASIN~! They're, like, apparently linked to the book now. :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yeap.  It's happened.  I'm sellin' The Generalist - Taboo 0: Cliché of Memories over at Amazong right the hell now~!  All 44 pages with as complete an editing job as I can muster, a bit more content (to patch up some of the holes I purposefully left in when I posted it here~!), and also with this snazzy cover done by none other than Jade herself over at Jaded Shots (!

So the current edition of Taboo 0 is, well not WONKY, but I'm reformatting it for Smashwords (so you Nook readers and fellow Barnes and Noble whores can snag it up~!) and will be moving the Authors' Notes to the back.  That and a major relevation: it's currently up for $2.99, which is outrageous since I wasn't going to raise the price until Taboo 1 is released~!  It SHOULD be at the wonderfully low price of $1.50, but bah...fucking Amazong is dragging their feet.

Still, I'm as excited as it gets and am more than willin' to spread this around!  Let yer friends know, tell yer folks, scream it to the goddamn hills.

The Man In Black is slingin' dem books.

Retweet mah tweets, repost dem posts, spread that link around!  OR you can search me on Amazon simply by typing in "Thomas Duder" or "Thomas Duder The Generalist" at the Amazong search bar~!

I'd suggest waiting 'til the price drops to $1.50, but hey - if you've already read it here and like what you've read, go ahead and gimme some stars and a review!  If you can't afford the buck fiddy, an honest review and star will help me out tremendously anyway. :D

Buy the e-book as a cheap gift for your loved one!  Hell, buy a Kindle and pre-load it with this puppy before putting it in their stocking stuffer!

Do what you do, mah peoples, and spread it around~!


~Thomas Duder

P.S. - Say, you on the KDP Forums?  I've been recently stomping around over at that unmoderated trolls' paradise and havin' a ball!  There's some genuinely sensitive souls there, and people who genuinely are looking to expand their marketing networks and establish new contacts as well as learning tips and tricks of marketing and self-publishing.

Then there's people like me, and those are the one's I've been jukin' around with. :D

So if yer already there, gimme a holler at "thomasduder" yeah?