Friday, June 8, 2012

LOL I stole this from Vorel. :D

Actually, I am flat-out stealing this from Vorel Kethend ( who has been hangin' out doin' projects with our collective group for a small while now. Thoughtful and creative, she's definitely got an eye for design and art, and lately has been flexin' her muscle on music as well.

She's posted three songs for the Bone King's Daughter (which you can read more 'bout over at her site, my version of it over at Nerf All The Things, or at the recently opened Jaded Shots:, an upcoming shoot we're both involved in, and I figured "Hey, why the hell not? They're pretty fuckin' good, and go with the photo shot, so...yeah!"

So here ya go. Go ahead and let Vee know that I stole these from her if you decide to go over and check out her blog. :D A new background each month, lol...

Loreena McKennitt - The Old Ways

Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer

Loreena McKennitt - All Soul's Night

Yeah, all dat pagan, all dem chill songs.

Be on the lookout for the first Bone King's Daughter photo shoot comin' out soon once we get the photos agreed upon and dealt with and, some time after that, Bone King's Daughter II: Adversaries of the Grave. Naturally, since it stars not just one but BOTH of the Hooligans (Ace will be in the sequel, and possibly a good friend o' Vee's), we'll steal the pics and slap 'em up, narration and opening sound bytes and all, over at Nerf once they get done!

LOL, I'm a model. LOL, we're models.


~That Bastard


  1. I really liked the songs dude :D

    1. LOL I let Vee know 'bout that. >XD She still punched me on the arm for posting these before she could put 'em up for her Song of the Day. :3

      Still, they ARE nice, ain't they?

  2. hmm i actually quite liked the songs

    1. Hey, sometimes you don't need to rage...just sit back and chill. :D