Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Generalist post, part dos~!

Find the first part here:

So yeah, here I am trying my damndest not to re-use certain songs that are "Hooligans" mainstays (pretty much anything by Iron Maiden, Dio, Symphony X, the RZA, Wu-Tang Clan, Dream Evil, Savatage, and...well the range is broad and covers many years of musical interest), but the one I simply cannot stay away from for The Generalist is here.

And that one is Thunderstone - Let The Demons Free, which is...well, MADE for The Generalist.  Especially once I get around Taboo 2, it'll make more sense to y'all.

Cocteau Twins- Alice (because we need more freakish parts in this urban fantasy series.)

The Sword - How Heavy This Axe (a.k.a. - the song that plays when Frank ramps up the Overdrive and enters "Time Stop."  See Battle at Bowerstone to really get the feel of what I mean.)

Clutch - The Regulator (because The Shop itself is badassed and ran by badasses.)

Conquest of Steel - Only The Devil Can Stop Us Now (Pretty much sums up the King of Angels right there.)

Xilent - Choose Me II (because the Goddess Bath is fuckin' hot.)

Dimestore Hoods - Blood In My Eyes (Fight scene music.)

Sikth - Scent of the Obscene (Fight scene music dos, especially if they pull off combinations.)

Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing (Because the Boys of The Shop are just like that from time to time.)

Trio - Da Da Da (this and Girl from'd be surprised at how many moments the boys of The Shop have when this pops up and something funny happens that usually results in a smirk from Dash or a weird look from Frank)

If I come up with any other songs that put me in the mood for The Generalist, I'll let y'all know. :D


~That Bastard


  1. great song selection dude! :D

    1. Yeah, this is the music I listen to, yo. :D

      Trust me, you have NO idea how hard it is to re-use certain songs (ahemahem THUNDERSTONEIRONMAIDEN ahemahem) or bands throughout ALL my stuff, y'know?

  2. You are hereby assigned music-chooser for any of my future films, shows,and funeral. Sometimes being too good is too good.

    1. Bruddah, both me and Ace have a fine-tuned ear for music when it comes to the work we do or feel for. Synchronizing songs to action sequences is a fave pastime of ours, outside of video games and our various creative/destructive outlets.

      Ya gotta fit the song to the situation, and you can't re-use the same songs over and over again. It's why Hollywood pisses me off at times, what with so many great songs to use and license out there but they still re-use the same bullshit over and over again (Motley Crue, KISS, AC/DC, etc.), and while this is forgivable for Shoot 'Em Up (which is pardoned of all crimes and guilt for anything), it is UNFORGIVABLE considering how much money gets slathered about in Hollyhood.

      Then again I say the same thing about Hollyweird considering rehashes, remakes, and sequels...yet we still have crap like Battleship out.


  3. Most of those tracks are music I've never even heard before. I haven't played all of them yet, but I'm enjoying everything so far. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's what Sooth(e) is all 'bout, Phrobro! Hear some new music, rememberin' some old music that doesn't get airplay, and either chillax and enjoy or rage out and enjoy.

      Sooth(e) is definitely due some genuine rage-out music pretty soon though. Yeah, I feel a good head of mad comin' on soon, like darkest thunderstorms on the horizon and what-not.