Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Generalist post, part dos~!

Find the first part here:

So yeah, here I am trying my damndest not to re-use certain songs that are "Hooligans" mainstays (pretty much anything by Iron Maiden, Dio, Symphony X, the RZA, Wu-Tang Clan, Dream Evil, Savatage, and...well the range is broad and covers many years of musical interest), but the one I simply cannot stay away from for The Generalist is here.

And that one is Thunderstone - Let The Demons Free, which is...well, MADE for The Generalist.  Especially once I get around Taboo 2, it'll make more sense to y'all.

Cocteau Twins- Alice (because we need more freakish parts in this urban fantasy series.)

The Sword - How Heavy This Axe (a.k.a. - the song that plays when Frank ramps up the Overdrive and enters "Time Stop."  See Battle at Bowerstone to really get the feel of what I mean.)

Clutch - The Regulator (because The Shop itself is badassed and ran by badasses.)

Conquest of Steel - Only The Devil Can Stop Us Now (Pretty much sums up the King of Angels right there.)

Xilent - Choose Me II (because the Goddess Bath is fuckin' hot.)

Dimestore Hoods - Blood In My Eyes (Fight scene music.)

Sikth - Scent of the Obscene (Fight scene music dos, especially if they pull off combinations.)

Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing (Because the Boys of The Shop are just like that from time to time.)

Trio - Da Da Da (this and Girl from'd be surprised at how many moments the boys of The Shop have when this pops up and something funny happens that usually results in a smirk from Dash or a weird look from Frank)

If I come up with any other songs that put me in the mood for The Generalist, I'll let y'all know. :D


~That Bastard

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Generalist post (part 1)

Yeap, I'm here to once again cross-post on my own blogs. :D    In writing The Generalist, there's certain songs that I, as always, associate with the stuff I'm writin'.

Some of them you've heard from here before (The Iron Maiden post, for instance), but ultimately these are the songs I've been listening to while writing stuff and just hanging out.  There's also a grab bag of other things, but meh - that's for the next post!

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (Radio Edit)

Jim's Big Ego - Addicted to Stress

Fade ft. DWB - One reason (the full intro to Deadman Wonderland, which I have yet to see or read but ohhhh baby, this song!)

Clutch - Guild of Mute Assassins

Guano Apes - Innocent Greed

A whole buncha vocaloids - Poetaster and the Singing Dolls

Dope - Die Motherfucker Die

Hercules and Love Affair - Painted Eyes

Hercules and Love Affair - Shadows

Dio - Evil Eyes

Dio - Holy Diver

Castlevania - Vampire Killer Rock Cover

Bubblegum Octopus - Great Beard; Happy Moustache

To be continued with the next post, yeah?


~That Bastard

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


No matter if it's Danzig era or Graves era, or the Jimmy Only-led Project 1950's, the Misfits have carved their mark on the nature of music itself, both punk and in general.

Seriously.  I'm not even going to say if I'm pro-Danzig or pro-Graves, I'm just going to say shut the fuck up and listen to some good goddamned music.

And I'm gonna start it off with the first Misfits song I ever heard. <3

The Misfits - Die Die Die My Darling

The Misfits - Last Caress

The Misfits - Scream

The Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones

Funny story: Glen Danzig got his ass OHKO'd (one-hit knocked-out) by a fat roadie with some arm muscle.  Yeap.  If'n yer gonna be a badass, don't let your first attack be a simple push, all you're going to do is invite someone to take the first swing at you.

Remember kids, if you're going to fight, fucking FIGHT.

With that stated, I still dig his music and he's the reason why I want to wear plate mail on stage, or simply add greaves and gauntlets to my daily repertoire.

Danzig - Mother

Danzig - Devil's Plaything

Danzig - Twist of Cain

Hey, speakin' 'bout that Project 1950 album...

The Misfits - Runaway

The Misfits - You Belong To Me


...woah, had a Man-Flavored Milk moment there~!  Well, hope you enjoyed this post, got more to come soon enough, in between my other projects.

Admittedly though, I'm feelin' like I oughta start up on Taboo 1 already for The Generalist, lol.


~That Bastard




Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Ace Post!

Well well well, welcome back to another edition of Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast!

This time, nothin' major...just a mixed bag of Ace, y'knowwhatImean? 

Time to get this ear worm in your head.  It's been floatin' 'round the house as of late, thanks to the Ace, y'knowwhatImean?

Ya bastard.

Snickers - Song of Satisfaction

Now, this is another Ace-inspired song since we were JUST talkin' 'bout it~!  You haven't heard it?  Well dig this~!!

Legend of Dragoon - If You Believe

Continuing with the theme of Ace-inspired songs, here's somethin' from the sweet, sweet fightin' game past~!

Bloody Roar - Defenders of Legacy

Cake - Going The Distance

And now, to properly cap this puppy off.  There's more than a few songs that have inspired Ace or are simply reminders to me of my bro, and there's nothin' that reminds me more of him than Three Doors Down.  Like, all of it.  He's drawn up and written more stuff to these guys than...well, hell, I'd say about as much as I have with Iron Maiden.

Check it~!

Three Doors Down - Kryptonite

Three Doors Down - Duck and Run

Three Doors Down - Going Down In Flames

I wanna thank Ace for helpin' to compile this particular Sooth(e), especially when I noticed two of the "grab bag" songs I WAS going to post up instead of this were both directly influenced by his bringin' 'em up, y'know?

Hey, let's do a little advertisin', eh?  Check Ace himself over at Danger Combo 2012 (, or you can catch his upcoming SR2 - The Salty Runback Review, or alongside yours truly as The Hooligans over at KAOS: Chaos Party Radio (, y'know?

Also, we're currently doing a HUGE thing for The Hooligans, especially for our move over to Youtube and such.  Help us get 15 or more subscribers so we can actually, y'know, POST these hour-long fuckin' podcasts and such. :D  Season 0 is almost wrapped up, and Season 1 is lookin' excitin' as hell!  Especially since we'll have y'know, VIDEO to go along with the audio!

Otherwise, hit us up over anywhere 'round these parts:

Twitter: @NerfAllTheThing
Podomatic: /TheHooligans
Youtube: /TheDamnHooligans


~That Bastard

P.S. - Ace just freaked out on meh about Iron Maiden's The Wicker Man (the radio edit, naturally).  While I had to point out to the bro that I've already covered that (my Iron Maiden Extravaganza, rememberrrrr?), but for the sake of simply good fuckin' music, here ya go!

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (Radio Edit)

For further cross-platform multiversing, this is the ipso-facto theme song for The Generalist, which I'm going to be posting Taboo 0: Cliche of Memories (parts 1-5) over at The Pen Is My Sword.











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