Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Last Dragon Blowout

Hey hey there, guys! So, I know I haven't done a blowout in a little bitta time...so I figured, why the fuck not focus on one of the movies I freaked out about recently.

I'm talking about the excellent fucking soundtrack from The Last Dragon~!

The Glow - Willie Hutch

C'mon, you don't recognize that? It's one of the greatest fucking song from that movie, and easily the lynchpin of it considering it's all about the Glow itself, what Leroy Green seeks throughout the movie. Proof of true mastery of martial arts, and (I can unashamedly admit) something I thought was real as a kid. It's still kinda somewhere there within me, that although it's just a special effect and a plot device that hey...maybe a true master of the martial arts really CAN produce a fighting energy of sorts. I'm fairly certain that anyone who's even put in a little time in any form of fight training can understand what I'm talking about...or maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.

Anyway, this song is DEFINITELY just the spine of the soundtrack, but there is SO MUCH GOOD in this soundtrack! Great Motown hits, inspired music all of it...well, check it out~!

Journey Into The Glow - Dwight David (battle/opening version of The Glow)

Inside You - Willie Hutch (apparently Hutch did some of the most memorable songs in the movie. This one's a HUGE one for me, y'knowwhatImean?)

Fire - Charlene (less a Motown song and more to show Eddy Arkadian's taste in music during his takeover of Seventh Heaven. Lol arcade owning gangsters. Lol Seventh Heaven cheese sequences)

First Time On A Ferris Wheel - Smokey Robinson and Syreeta

Treat Her Like A Lady - The Tempations (FUCK YEAH THE TEMPTATIONS!)

And, naturally, I saved the BEST part to close this post out with~! I'm talking about the unarguably best fucking song on the entire soundtrack...

The Last Dragon (Main Theme) - Dwight David

Yeah, sure the Opening/Battle version of Journey Into The Glow is freakin' AWESOME...but there's something about the clean rendition of it that sticks to me. Good shit either way.

'Til next time, kiddies! I still gotta post up the second batch of stuff I watched CONSTANTLY AND DAILY when I was sick, lol.


~That Bastard


  1. I'm really into movies. I've never heard of this movie. The soundtrack is so very '80s.

    1. Good ol' Bonafide Jones himself found a place to watch it for free, all legal and clear-like.

      It's over in the comment section here: http://kaospartyradio.blogspot.com/2012/02/fiiiiirst.html?showComment=1330074070249#c7465094385987181396

      Seriously, for, like, a week or two I just blew my stack about The Last Dragon. Sho'nuff the Shogun of Harlem is the greatest antagonist ever made, design-wise, and his henchmen are right outta Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

      Seriously, if I ever get an entourage, those guys are in it. We're gonna bust up SO MANY pizza shops.

      Check it out, watch the movie. BUT, I warn you, my fellow Bastard, you must be in the mood for some 80's to withstand this much of it.

      Otherwise, great fight scenes, the music speaks for itself, and you get to see the greatest villain of all time acted by one of the greatest B-listed actors of all time. Julius Motherfuckin' J. Carry~!

      Dear god, the combat shoulder pad armor...

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