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~That Bastard

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some new stuff for you and for me~!

Y'know, I like to think that I bring a strange mixture of awesome to your daily internets. Though I'm staunchly a metalhead, I find that being open to all kinds of new music can broaden not only one's musical tastes but also their mentality, y'know?

One who can wield a flexible mind as well as a flexible body is one who is prepared for all forms of onslaught and invasion.

For me, it always starts with the music that I learn to love, or love at first hearin'. Care to share some with me?

I gotta give much love to LuDubs, that glorious bastard, for introducing OTHER forms for Dubstep to me. While I hate most wubstep (oh god, he's got this one over at his site that is pure fucking crunchy. Check the featured links over at That Bastard On, he's on there), he's found some stuff that is borderline electronica/experimental that I just fell in fucking love with.

This song is DEFINITELY top of the list~!

Xilent - Choose Me II (High Quality version)

Seriously, that is just fuckin' BEAUTIFUL!

Fun factoid: I'm kinda-sorta into Vocaloids. I like the idea of a computer being able to sing ever since Macross Plus, and apparently they've practically gone full-blown Sharon Apple with 'em.

Now, up until recently I've only ever really listened to Miku Hatsune or Zatsune/Hagane. Or however you spell that, I don't care enough to googles it up.

Anyway, then I came across this gem from someone close to me. Ugh, ya know me too well, darlin'.

Len Kagamine (the male one of the twins), lookin' downright penetratable and singing his heart out in what has to be the most haunting chorus I've ever heard.

Len Kagamine - Pitiful Pet Boy

Now, speakin' about beloved new friends, one in particular just sent me spiraling headfirst into nostalgialand. I mean, this song came out when I was friggin' 12~! Haven't even thought about this song since I was, like, 25 or some

Suzanne Vega - Blood Makes Noise

Great, now I'm in the mood for awesome songstresses. Screw something new, let's just post ooooone more goodie you oughta know 'bout. Have I posted this before?

I don't care, it's fuckin' good. :3

Souixsee and the Banshees - Peek A Boo

Yeah, I'm gonna do a Souixsee and the Banshees blowout sometime. I GOTTA!

So, back to new shit I've recently checked out. Now, mind you, it's not like new as in "JUST CAME OUT" but shit I haven't really listened to before, y'know?

With that said, I recently came across Phantogram's "When I'm Small," I don't even remember whose blog I found it on. But yeah, 's some good shit, mang! I mean, to be honest I should actually hate these guys - the background hooting she does would be annoying on any other track, and the dude looks like hipster garbage.

BUT, instead I found this track to be just charming and keepable. Meh.

Phantogram - When I'm Small

...y'know, I don't like talking about my ex. There was a couple of songs that I associated with her.

At least I can FINALLY listen to this song (more hipster-emo garbage) without wanting to either break down or break something/someone. While I hate Owl City's entire discography, for some reason this song always struck me as being both beautiful, romantic, and just...deep.

Still hate the rest of their discography though.

Owl City - Saltwater Room

And last but not least, it's not inexactly NEW for me, but I rarely get an opportunity to post it up anywhere, so might as well do it here, yeah?

Hey, maybe they're new for you! If so, grats and enjoy~!

Rasputina - The New Zero (some AMV someone made of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Actually works like a charm!)

Yeap, there's a few possibly new-ish songs for ya to check out! Next post, expect me to regain some of my hardcore street cred by posting up angry, angry heavy metal. fuckin' excuses, no explanations.

Just music you can get really angry to.




~That Bastard

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Last Dragon Blowout

Hey hey there, guys! So, I know I haven't done a blowout in a little bitta I figured, why the fuck not focus on one of the movies I freaked out about recently.

I'm talking about the excellent fucking soundtrack from The Last Dragon~!

The Glow - Willie Hutch

C'mon, you don't recognize that? It's one of the greatest fucking song from that movie, and easily the lynchpin of it considering it's all about the Glow itself, what Leroy Green seeks throughout the movie. Proof of true mastery of martial arts, and (I can unashamedly admit) something I thought was real as a kid. It's still kinda somewhere there within me, that although it's just a special effect and a plot device that hey...maybe a true master of the martial arts really CAN produce a fighting energy of sorts. I'm fairly certain that anyone who's even put in a little time in any form of fight training can understand what I'm talking about...or maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.

Anyway, this song is DEFINITELY just the spine of the soundtrack, but there is SO MUCH GOOD in this soundtrack! Great Motown hits, inspired music all of it...well, check it out~!

Journey Into The Glow - Dwight David (battle/opening version of The Glow)

Inside You - Willie Hutch (apparently Hutch did some of the most memorable songs in the movie. This one's a HUGE one for me, y'knowwhatImean?)

Fire - Charlene (less a Motown song and more to show Eddy Arkadian's taste in music during his takeover of Seventh Heaven. Lol arcade owning gangsters. Lol Seventh Heaven cheese sequences)

First Time On A Ferris Wheel - Smokey Robinson and Syreeta

Treat Her Like A Lady - The Tempations (FUCK YEAH THE TEMPTATIONS!)

And, naturally, I saved the BEST part to close this post out with~! I'm talking about the unarguably best fucking song on the entire soundtrack...

The Last Dragon (Main Theme) - Dwight David

Yeah, sure the Opening/Battle version of Journey Into The Glow is freakin' AWESOME...but there's something about the clean rendition of it that sticks to me. Good shit either way.

'Til next time, kiddies! I still gotta post up the second batch of stuff I watched CONSTANTLY AND DAILY when I was sick, lol.


~That Bastard

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The OTHER sick post~!

This would be the second half of what I listened to every fucking day. Prepare to get your daily doses, mah nizzles.

Now, some of you may remember that I'm a HUGE fan of Detroit Metal City. Gotta dig DMC like a motherfucker, yo. WIth that stated, apparently there was a Tribute to Lord Krauser the Second album, with a bunch of metal remixes of Japanese rock and pop songs.

Out of 'em all, and the one I DEFINITELY love above even the original version is Monobright's "Warp."

I can't even begin to share with you guys the images that go through my head when I hear this song. Just if I was given a chance to produce a music video to this, it'd be one shade away from being the Meds video (by Placebo).

Speakin' of which...guyliner warning ahead.

Y'know, I rarely like rap. I don't do drugs, never even experimented with the shit.

Yet I find myself listening to this daily.

The Doctor's got that green and purple in an extra strength dose, just what you need.

Speakin' about your daily dose, Parov Stelar - Catgroove (High Quality nonetheless~!)

Yes. You need this.

My GOD that shit is bumpin'!

And the last two vids I think I've posted before...but hey, whatever. This is the shit I've been listening to on a daily basis while I was coughing myself sick.

What's even worse, is that this next one is basically my theme song whenever I'm in Shitty Chat. I just AM a manwhore of some renown.

Quest of the Manwhore

The Great Chimp Heist

Hope you enjoyed this Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast post~! As always you know DAMN well I'm gonna bring the blue sparkles, yo.

See ya next time!


~That Bastard

P.S. - I lied. One more video I watched every day while I'm sick.

Protoment - Light Up The Night


>all of them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hells Yes Chill Post....

This entire post is Bonafide Jones' fault. He got me all up in the mood for Mos Def without even realizing it and while Mos Def DOES have some rocking beats, I've always been more of a fan of his chill shit and amazing collaborations.

Speakin' of which, this has been nothin' but a chill post for me, so I do hope y'all are ready to take a ride I normally don't drive wit'. We's gonna just hang out, listen to some music and just enjoy the cool blue flow of the energy between us all, y'knowwhatImean?

Hey, trust me. We'll rage together some other time.

Mos Def - Umi Says (Zero 7 Remix) good.

Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line

Don't be scurred, mah peoples. Just gonna kick it up a little bit with some gooooood shiznits.

Groove Armada - Super Stylin'

Let's just keep ridin' that wave, bay-bee-bubba, 'cuz you know DAMN well we still friends.

Just sayin'.

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

I don't even know if I've played that here before or not, hell...just seems to fit, y'knowwhatImean?

Now, funny story with this next one...I've got this song from the vast ether of chaos that is the Internuggets, and it's basically a remix of Lyrics Borns' Callin' Out and U2s' Sunday Bloody Sunday. I can't find it on Youtube though, so instead here's the original source that's still fuckin' awesome...I might have to find that .mp3 and post it up simply for you guys sometime.

Lyrics Born - Callin' Out

Oh. Fuck Yeah. Son.

Zero 7 featuring Viktor Vaughn (MUHFUKKEN M.F. DOOM!!) - Somersault

Let's follow that up with a song I think I've had on Sooth(e) before, but's just too damn good not to post it again.

Erykah Badu, the gloriously dark-skinned goddess herself, in an MF Doom remix - On and On

And last but not least, gonna end it out with a certain something for a certain someone. You know who you are, darlin'.

And lastly, some more Kip Hanrahan...

Catch y'all 'round next time, huh? More than likely THAT post will be the "Battleworld" post, with theme songs for each named character posted so y'all can hear it and read it at the same time. Get into my head a little bit with how I design characters and how closely I associate them to the theme song.

Sure I know I'll never be able to afford copyrights for them and have them ACTUALLY be in the game (oh god Oh God OH GOD HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!!!!), but it's completely and totally a personal thing.


~That Bastard