Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yeap. You guys follow me here? Go to http://www.thepenismysword.com and follow me there. Best way to get updated on which blog is updated, dat interface, read up on my stuff and...well, you get the point, don't you?

Also, KAOS: Chaos Party Radio at http://kaospartyradio.blogspot.com

ALSO, Anubis Unit updates over at Legion HQ! http://anubisunit.blogspot.com

Last but not least, get caught up on my sound bytes, "voice acting," and those a capellas I keep promising here...

Shittychat Vocal Stuff

Shittychat Vocal Stuff 2: The Announcer Begins

Shittychat Vocal Stuff 3: The Announcer Is Helping

That Bastard's Vocal Garbage (VA stuff you'll probably see around here on the site, lol)

Annnnnd I reckon you can expect more tasty musical selections in the next Sooth(e) post~! Thanks for keepin' up with meh, hope to see you over at The Pen Is My Sword, and let's keep this awesome train a-runnin'~!

...and let's end this post with Doobie Brother's Long Train A-Runnin'.

Yeaaaaah. Fuck yeah, Doobie Brothers.

Nod ya head, it's a celebration bitches.

The Pen Is Sword is up, my blogs are running, and we've survived another day. Tomorrow we might die, but tonight we dance!

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