Friday, February 24, 2012

the sick post...*coughcough*

So, as some of y'all know from my other blog posts, I'm sicker than a fucking dog right now. Because of this though, unless someone else DJ's over at the shittychat I've just been listening to the same things over and over's weird, I just get really repetitive with my music and stay focused on a few titles until I'm better. That and the loss of taste, and THAT affects me more than it should.

So let's kick this post off with what I've been listening to as of late....

Fuck you Ace, you know what you did.

Magical girls represent. Prepare yourself for the most moeswag you've ever experienced.

Thank you, Based Madoka!

Another awesome Madoka remix, different but still equally awesome...and now that I think about it, I've posted this before.

Don't care. Just enjoy it.

This is the song I think about while I've been writing up Shitty Chat the Fightan. Seriously, especially the part where he screams out "You seek to stand against me?" and the band replies with "I WILL NOT STAND AGAINST YOU!"

Conquest of Steel - The Prophecy

Not even joking, I actually see Spad standing before the PowerSPIKE glowing with a brilliant white light, his arms outstretched, fingers clawed as he opens his heterochromic eyes and growls, "You seek to stand against me?"

Then as the band screams back "I WILL NOT STAND AGAINST YOU!" I see the camera pan around so the PowerSPIKE is still in the lower-center part of the screen, only That Bastard rises up in the background, reaching for it, before the other Shitty Chat Fighters do so, the camera cutting to a side-cut of the various hands reaching out to grasp the SPIKE with Spad angled behind it, his cloak spreading to reveal the Internet Space within it...

lol, I overdo everything I get into. Shit. Thank god the others are there to edit my bullshit down.

Ladies, go get yer boy shorts and chunky-assed weapons-grade rollerskates. Guys, get ready to show off how good yer hips can swivel and piston.

Everyone, get yer disco on.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Heart Attack

LOL I heard this over at Timothy Bowen's VJ playlist. Go find him at and tell 'em That Bastard sent ya for 25% more chaos~!

Y'know, some songs can really trip either my Rage Trigger or my Rape Trigger. Not all my raping, though, is violent - sometimes you've just been devoured by me in "Kitty" mode and you didn't even realize it was non-consensual until two days later you realize you've moved into my pad and haven't seen anything else but my cieling for the past two days.

Hey, it happens darlin'. I don't do one-night stands, I do one-week stands if anything...

SO, what is a "Kitty" song you may ask?

Here's the ur-example:

Kip Hanrahan - All Roads Are Made of Flesh

I go fucking apeshit for Kip Hanrahan. Fuck yeah.

I'll make another sick post soon enough. In the meantime, if you wanna waste more of your time happily, they just dropped some fresh new stuff over at:

-Epic Rap Battles of History
-Dan Bull/Douglby
-Epic Meal Time (whup, they're funny again)
-Bro Team Pill

I don't care if it's non-music stuff, I'm sick and will do whatever the hell I want here. I do what I want, you do what yer told.

With that stated, ain't got nothin' but love for y'all.

Time to leave ya with somethin' funny:


~That Bastard


  1. Hey there my sick brother in crime. Love Madoka - Ante Up, great stuff! :D

    1. LOL 'sup m'man!

      Hey, Shock coulda told ya - I post the good stuff, man.

      By all means, make yerself at home! I got plenty to see, hear, and read.

      Definitely tons of stuff to read!

      Make yerself comfortable, just don't talk about what happens over at Man-Flavored Milk.

      We don't talk about that.

  2. now that is one eclectic mix of music...

    1. Yeah, when I'm sick I simply can't focus on what I want to focus.

      So you get a medley like this. What's even worse is that this is only half of what I've been listening to on a daily basis...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, mah fellow bastard~! ^^)b I'm ALMOST long as I don't have a cough during the gig, I'll be happy.

  4. The Madoka shit is just too gangsta for me, too hardcore.

    The masochist in me actually kinda likes the Asteroids song.

    I could actually maybe get with the Kip Hanrahan stuff.

    Epic Rap Battles of History is some of the most funniest/bad-ass things ever created. I'm going to watch some now.

    Epic meal Time = mind blown.

    Hush mode nigga, hush mode.

    1. Yeah, I'm a pre-bandwagonner. I listened to Epic Rap Battles of History when they only had three submissions, Epic Meal Time around their fifth or sixth, and I was watching =3 before that nigger hit a million subscribers and became some weird hipster Tosh.0ish tryhard.

      Dude, the next MFM post I'm gonna make it all about da bidness. Apparently there's a WHOLE SERIES of these fucked up Charlie Brown videos. That one's from "Jackie Robinson Was the First Black Baseball Pitcher, Charlie Brown."

      ...or was it "Suck My Big Black Ass Charlie Brown?"

      Either way~!

      Man, check the chill post. Did I add Kip's Sharazhad? If not, lemme go add dat...