Saturday, February 18, 2012

Care To Hear From Yours Truly?

In case ya haven't noticed, I'm upgrading all over the place.

Come check out my new blogsite,, with an easier-to-use interface and the actual ability to keep up with ALL EIGHT of the blogs I'm responsible for at just a glance and the click of yer mouse!

Almost done, almost the meantime, here's four playlists for you to check out. Just vocal stuff I did. You might find it interesting, maybe not...but it's today's Sooth(e) Your Freaking Beast post!

General VA Stuff ("That Bastard's Vocal Garbage")

Shitty Chat Vocal Stuffs

Chat Fightan Vocal Stuffs: The Announcer Begins

Chat Fightan Vocal Stuffs 2: The Announcer Is Helping

New Shiznits Playlist ('cuz I usually load 'em up here first before I move 'em around)

A Capella Playlist

Project: Boyfriend (not quite up and running yet)

Promotional Sound Bytes Playlist

Character Pack Playlist

As always, don't forget to check out Anubis Unit by typing it in the search bar over at Youtube!

Tomorrow is another practice and more uploads. Busy busy busy all around...

To my new followers, hiya! To my old followers, just follow and bookmark at The Pen Is My Sword in order to keep up with meh!

'Cuz it's time to get Sanic about it!

Much love, peace, and plenty o' bacon grease,

~That Bastard


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAhyeah! Yo own doman! I'm so jelly-filled donut and tired right now. We'll keep at it tomorrow and comment more vocal greatnesses. damn, talented you are.


      Dunno 'bout talented, it just feels like things are finally comin' together. Now to just keep the good motion a-goin', y'knowwhatImean?

      Gotta keep puttin' in work while I'm lookin' for work. SOMETHIN' has to happen if so~!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks m'man!

      Though my Netflix This blog will never be as respectable as yours, I'm still gonna keep up on it. Hey, plenty of movies out there, y'know?

      I'll keep doing my best though, even despite the lack of professionalism.

      Catch ya 'round on yer blog sometime, m'man!

  3. Nice, glad to see someone else writing their own code too, hope to hear back from you soon and then I will definitely follow and be tuning in! :D

    1. Well, I wouldn't call it writing my own code...I swiped a template and in fiddling around with it am slowly getting my head for hard coding back.

      Very slowly though. I still couldn't just BAM, write the whole thing from scratch, and I'm remembering why .xml made me rage so hard back in the day.

      Huhuhuh, so you've got your own blog, eh? I'll check it, leave you a message or two. :D I'm well known for fuckhuge, controversial, politically incorrect replies.

      Be seein' ya! I'll, as always, attempt to be as entertaining as I possibly can~!