Monday, February 13, 2012

Anubis Unit Demo Just Dropped Today!

Anubis Unit. The Raw Recordings. Five Moves of Doom Demo. First take cuts, no mixing, no effects outside of bass equalization, no layering, no tuning, no practice for two months, no hardcore professional studio equipment.

Raw balls cuts as it gets. We'll be re-releasing a better version of 1200 Lbs. of Penis next Sunday or Monday.

That's The Sound My Balls Make

1200 Lbs of Penis


Steak and Eggs (The Warmup Song)

Subscribe, fave, comment, send to all your punk, metal-loving rebellious rock and roller friends, yah?

Spread it around, share the love, we'll be getting better versions recorded as soon as we can afford 'em.

And if you like the riffs, chords, timing and sounds even one of these songs, just wait 'til next week, even. Seriously, we sound way better live than we do over this soundboard.

Now just to prove it...


  1. I like it. And I'd definitely catch a live show if I could.

    1. THANKS! Dude, with the proper recording equipment we can really hopefully bring the goodness of our music from live to y'all instead of this...but as a first step, it'll do.

      Be damned if after two months these four are the only ones we remember. Time to do work.

  2. Replies
    1. FUCK YEAH BOYEE!!!!

      Just wait 'til we start droppin' the camera recordings of our practices and once we start giggin'.

      Three of these are just one-word repeats, but 1200 lbs at least shows how the lyrics connect to the vocals and instrumentals, how the riffs and timing works, and of course Regurgitator's masterful drumrolls and percussion work.

      Just gotta do work, keep giving content and we'll come through, y'knowwhatImean? Just gotta keep our eye on the prize and not lose ourselves or sell out.

  3. This appeals to my punk/metal roots...loved the percussion....hell I might even take this down the gym

  4. Rock on hard! Yeah, we're actually a heavy metal, punk, and rock band...but these were the easiest to remember, we never really lost the timing for them, and were able to kick 'em out with only a minimum of fuss.

    Still, once we're back on to gigging and practicing, we'll get the sound tightened at some point in time make a better recording. Kick out more than just songs where I repeat myself, heh.

  5. Well I can see why you like your drummer so much. He's pretty good.
    Would you mind if I put one or two of these on a post of mine?

  6. Dude, seriously, from a more personal point of view he also has the strange ability to translate me flailing my arms and making noises into chords and riffs for the guitarist and bassist.

    Seriously, when we're working on new songs and laying down the groundwork I go over each riff, then they look at HIM and he translates.

    Dude, you have the EXPRESS permission from us to spread the embeds around! Hell, burn yerself a copy and hand it around to friends if you want, just give credit where credit's due, y'knowwhatImean?

    And if anyone wants to do a cover of these, to of course ask us first. and all that goodness.

    As is, we'll be recording these with better timing soon. Trust me, even with a camcorder recording you'll be able to see how much tighter 1200 lbs. of Penis will sound~! Not to mention the rest of our stuff.

  7. Nice. Followed a link from Bonafide and am following you now.

    1. OH, hello there! Welcome to my small world amongst the many in the bloggoverse.

      Yeah, mah humble lil' abode here is about to undergo a bit of a renovation, so I apologize if you miss out on the chance to go back through Sooth(e) and check out all the other offerings I like to share from Youtube.

      And I got plenty, y'knowwhatImean?

      Anyway, I hope to still be entertainin' to you even after the grand re-openin', y'dig?

      I got PLENTY of stuff to take up yer time~!

      Be seein' ya around the blogs, m'man!