Sunday, September 11, 2011

I really don't watch THIS much anime, y'know...I'm just sayin'...

Aight, I got somethin' special for y'all. Now, I know as of late I've been on a real RAAAAAGE addict run, and I thank all of you who both enjoyed it or simply put up with it...but now I got somethin' to really get yer eardrums wet.

Now, some of you know I'm into anime. I'm not INTO anime, but hey I like what I like, y'know? Especially over the top violence, always dig that shit.

One of those is known as "Hellsing," which features both over the top violence, tons of I CANNOT DIEEEE and damn near Gary Stu levels of omnipotence. Just badasses everywhere...and while it DOES deviate strictly away from the manga at a certain point (namely before Millennium, er...Milleneon? Somethin' like that...appears and the whole NAZI VAMPIRES EATING BABIES thing goes down) I, personally, still find it incredibly enjoyable. Well, except for the final part...but even THAT battle is still pretty cool.

SO, what makes it so special to me is the OST's that came with it, "Raid" and "Ruins." Both have just deliciously MUSICAL music, just real genre-busting shit that's fuckin' awesome~! And what-with in light of my recent revelations about my band concept, No Rhymes, and the whole "fuck your genre" style of music (plus I DID mention it to Tracirz at her blog that I'd post some choice stuff up. Go check her out at ) I figured why the hell not just post up some of my faves from the OST's, y'knowwhat I mean? Admittedly, I'll be focusing on the Raid OST in this installment of Soothe, but hey that just leaves a whole other OST to check out yerdamnself...or just wait 'til I make a Ruins post, yah?

So without further adieu, let's get started with the coolest of 'em all, namely....

"Cool, The World Without Logos" - Hellsing OST Raid

"Double Crossed Fool" - Hellsing OST Raid

The aptly named "Musical Entertainment" - Hellsing OST Raid

"When Going To War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords" - Hellsing OST Raid

...sounds like the kinda title I would write for a song...

"Faulty Neurosis Like Tune" - Hellsing OST Raid

"Certain Victory Lotus Tune" - Hellsing OST Raid

Well, it's hard to say exactly what IS the best about this particular album...I mean, it sounds a TOOOOON better when you just listen to 'em back to back on a disc or whateverhaveya.

Still, some good stuff altogether if this is yer kinda thing. I find that every now and then when I just have this iiiiitch I can't scraaaatch, I slap this on and BOOM, satisfied.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Soothe Your Freaking Beast. I'm of a mind for video games in the next post, yeaaaaah....vidyuh games.

Here's a teeny, tiny hint:

my arm, My Arm, MY ARM, MY ARM, MY ARM, MY ARM....


  1. cool songs..enjoyed listening to them!

  2. You now they sound SOMEWHAT (distantly) similar. I mean they got the same types of synthetic-sounding instruments in them, as in the guitar for example. But I like it...
    Remember being scared of watching Hellsing back then lol
    When the movie came out and I was already 12 my parents would still forbid me to see it... FFFFFFUCK was I pissed

  3. LMAO, did you ever play them all together? Shit is real

  4. awe, thanks for mentioning me! :D
    the first song is my favorite too, but all of them are kind of making me feel like a badass. i think i still need to see this anime, too. sounds awesome :D

  5. I agree with Neon. Not sure what it is, just that they have that similar thing going. Though, maybe I'm just getting old.

  6. Oh god. Sorry my recent posts have not been interesting AT ALL. When I get busy I copy and paste from old homework assignments. Bwahahaha. Anyways, these songs are really great. Are they supposed to be Japanese or something? They don't sound like it!

  7. I love the hellsing cartoon, never really thought about the music on its own though

  8. @aamedor - why hello there, cutie pie! Fuck yeah, enjoy you some music, braugh. Here's to the hopes that I can live up to your followin'~!

    @Genetics - Actually, yeah it's Japanese. But really I listen to this kinda music not because of other languages and such, but rather it's just universally good. Quote me on that.

    @Copy and Neon - Well, it WAS made by the same guys I reckon...but it's honestly unlike any other kind of music I've ever heard, and I remember old school experimental shit like Ray Lynch's "Deep Breakfast." that on Youtube? I'll check it out and post up some meditative, transcendentalist music on my next post. Also, Neon...yeah, I actually DID try that after you mentioned it, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT BLEW MY FUCKING MIIIIIND!

    @tracirz - awww, well I DID promise ya (kindasorta) that I'd post this up, even if'n ya didn't know what I was talkin' 'bout.

    Now ya know, right? Right!

    @Dora - thanks~!