Saturday, September 3, 2011


Y'know, why DON'T we just bust out a good ol' fashioned blowout, eh?

There's this anime called "Detroit Metal City," which follows a Japanese death metal band by the same name. Suffice it to say the humor is excellently done, the situations are hilarious and...well, there's just something incredibly entertaining about seeing the normally meek and exceedingly mild Soichi Negishi being forced to turn into vicious and demonic Johannes Krauser II, and how the two personalities bleed into one another depending on the situation.

Seriously, this shit is TOO funny! Especially the "11 rapes in one second" and "I'M GOING TO RAPE THIS SHITTY TOKYO TOWER!!!!"

No, seriously...this is one massive rape joke. If you ain't into that, you shouldn't check it out...but if you, like I, find this shit fuckin' hilarious then yer gonna dig it up with a silver spoon!

Now, with THAT stated, I ain't one for "screamo" or death metal growling...but DMC exemplifies the shit that I DO like, and I invite you to check it out for yourself!


Slash Killer

Urami Harasade Okubekika ("Should This Vengeance Be Taken")


Mad Monster

Ano Ko Wo Rape ("Rape That Girl")

Maou ("Satan")

Y'know, lemme spoil THIS much for ya: one of the funniest parts of DMC actually happens in the very first episode, but each episode has something to remember it kindly by. DEFINITELY the funniest though is when Negishi (who dreams of becoming a sugary, trendy pop star, but instead becomes a death metal star which in and of itself is nothing but hilarious) must save the girl he loves (a girl who dug his songs back in high school so much she became a music reporter...and who hates DMC, and doesn't know that Negishi is Krauser) by air-guitaring Krauser's moves in order to placate a bunch of DMC fans who became enraged and offended when he bad-mouthed DMC to his chick.

In the midst of his frantic air-guitaring and moves, he slowly bleeds over into Krauser but his thoughts are still his own, right? So he's all thinking "I know what I must do, I know what to say to you my love!"

Then he grabs her by the shoulders and in Krauser's voice, with the spirit of Krauser hanging over him, he roars "LET ME RAPE YOU BITCH PIG!!!" instead of "I love you."

Then immediately realizes he had accidentally become Krauser.

She smacks him and runs, and I don't even remember what happened next 'cuz I was laughing so fucking hard. Seriously, check it out!

Hell, even the TRIBUTE to Detroit Metal City fuckin' kicks ass! Check this out:

WARP (Walking Metal Mix) - by Monobright (for the Tribute to Krauser II album)

Joy - Metal Joy (for the Tribute to Krauser II album) - to be honest I think the band name is Yuki and the song is Joy...but the metal remix is called "metal joy." Whatever, I'll post up the originals sometime for comparison.



  1. That sounds pretty fucking awesome, I'm gonna watch that for sure.

  2. Looks like an anime version of Metalocalypse. I approve!

  3. I can't understand the lyrics! It sounds really exciting and edgy and mean, though. :D

  4. I second TB although I think it has a bit of Akiro in it as well.

  5. This is sounds exactly like my kind of humor.

    That's probably not a good thing. :P

  6. I'm so glad I have people like you to pick the coolest stuff out for me. THanks bunches!

  7. lol, love you Mr. Bastard, but I don't know what to do you with you!

  8. @Tracirz - WELL, if )I( weren't taken and )YOU( weren't taken, I'd suggest coffee and a nice lunch. In the meantime, perhaps you could...uh...find me entertaining?

    Dude, TOTALLY!

    ALSO, may I offer my congratulations? You seem to be my only reader who doesn't BOILING BLOOD with the rest of us whenever I post up my rage-inducing articles and music. That takes a lot of willpower to resist, and should be recognized when it happens, y'know? I'm just sayin'...

    @Shockgrubz - FUCK YEAH, bro!

    @DWei - HAH!

    @1904 - Velkommen~!

    @Copyboy and Der Popeness - Yeah, it's kinda like that but without the whole Beatles "worldwide saturation" thing going on. It's pretty much them taking over Tokyo...and worth every minute of laughter they'll squeeze outta ya.

    @Genetics - PFFFFT,'s Japanese. I can only understand maybe one out of every four words anyway, the rest is just "GROOOOOOOOOOOOORGH!"

    @Stig - FFFFFFFFFFFUCK YEAH BOYEE, go enjoy some DMC~!

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