Saturday, September 17, 2011

Delicious Video Game Musics!

Let's get a bit more modern with some recent hits, shall we? Then just...well, hell, let's just go all over the place shall we?

No witty criticisms from me, no bullshit just good music, yo.

God Hand Ending Credits

Devil May Cry 3 "Devils Never Cry"

Bayonetta "Fly Me To The Moon"...I swear to every god and God available, they have something like ten different versions of Fly Me To The Moon on Bayonetta...and I love 'em all!

NiGHTS into Dreams "Dream Dreams" (oh god, the nostalgia~!!!!)

Oh SHIT son, time to dwell further into the realm of my past with Lunar - Attract Mode (the opening sequence for the original, and superior, Sega CD version of the game)

Mmmmm, delicious cheese. The song practically TELLS you the fucking story, and as bad as it seems...I just can't NOT love it, y'knowwhatImean? Like the first time you hear the music to Tetris or somethin', and now you're thinking of the songs to Tetris. HAH!

Speaking of which, when I was a teenager there was only a couple of games that I really begged my parents to get. Lunar E: Eternal Blue was one of them. I very nearly jizzed myself in sheer desire the MOMENT I heard Working Designs had translated a new one, and to this day this stands as one of the few examples of how a sequel can only make a story better.

It always angered me how Sega was treating their third-party offerings at the time, but then again this was during the time of "THE TOWER OF BABYLON"...y'know, the genesis + sega cd + 32x + whatever the fuck else they tried to con you into buying and stacking.


Parasite Eve "Primal Eyes." Aw shit son, don't tell me you DON'T like this song! If you dislike this song, the fucking terrorists win and you'll disappoint your parents forever. If you don't have parents, this song will GIVE you parents simply for them to be disappointed in you.

One of the best godammned remixes of Vampire Killer ever, from Castlevania of course~!

Shit, while we're at it, here's a techno remix of Vampire Killer~!

Annnnnnd why don't we end it there for the day? If you didn't hear a song from a game YOU happen to like, hit me up in the comments section or fire off a message and I'll post it up on the next vidyuh gaem post~!


~That Bastard


  1. I always thought that Megaman X on SNES had the best music.. i still do actually

  2. Believe it or not, I'm not too much for the Megaman X series...if only 'cuz it's on the SNES and at the time I was a huge sega whore.

    No excuses nowadays, what with the plethora of emulators and myself having acquired the ZSNES a loooong time ago.

    Still, if I'm gonna play Megaman I always go back to the original shit. Noooow I gotta admit, I do find the opening tune to Megaman X to be extremely snazzy and might even feature it on my next video game music post~!

    Shit, I might even do it just as a shout out to you, m'man.

  3. There are some really good tunes!

  4. Oh man I loved luna I forgot about that game till now

  5. Really nice music, thanks for sharing!

  6. For wicked Cleon and his wife, when fame Following!

  7. Hey these are some awesome videos, I really liked the 3rd one.

  8. Awesome, awesome choices. I just replayed Parasite Eve last week, you made me wanna play Castlevania and Nights again too.

  9. definitely some awesome songs in there. RPG music has always been my favorites by far. Thanks for sharing. (: