Saturday, September 17, 2011

Delicious Video Game Musics!

Let's get a bit more modern with some recent hits, shall we? Then just...well, hell, let's just go all over the place shall we?

No witty criticisms from me, no bullshit just good music, yo.

God Hand Ending Credits

Devil May Cry 3 "Devils Never Cry"

Bayonetta "Fly Me To The Moon"...I swear to every god and God available, they have something like ten different versions of Fly Me To The Moon on Bayonetta...and I love 'em all!

NiGHTS into Dreams "Dream Dreams" (oh god, the nostalgia~!!!!)

Oh SHIT son, time to dwell further into the realm of my past with Lunar - Attract Mode (the opening sequence for the original, and superior, Sega CD version of the game)

Mmmmm, delicious cheese. The song practically TELLS you the fucking story, and as bad as it seems...I just can't NOT love it, y'knowwhatImean? Like the first time you hear the music to Tetris or somethin', and now you're thinking of the songs to Tetris. HAH!

Speaking of which, when I was a teenager there was only a couple of games that I really begged my parents to get. Lunar E: Eternal Blue was one of them. I very nearly jizzed myself in sheer desire the MOMENT I heard Working Designs had translated a new one, and to this day this stands as one of the few examples of how a sequel can only make a story better.

It always angered me how Sega was treating their third-party offerings at the time, but then again this was during the time of "THE TOWER OF BABYLON"...y'know, the genesis + sega cd + 32x + whatever the fuck else they tried to con you into buying and stacking.


Parasite Eve "Primal Eyes." Aw shit son, don't tell me you DON'T like this song! If you dislike this song, the fucking terrorists win and you'll disappoint your parents forever. If you don't have parents, this song will GIVE you parents simply for them to be disappointed in you.

One of the best godammned remixes of Vampire Killer ever, from Castlevania of course~!

Shit, while we're at it, here's a techno remix of Vampire Killer~!

Annnnnnd why don't we end it there for the day? If you didn't hear a song from a game YOU happen to like, hit me up in the comments section or fire off a message and I'll post it up on the next vidyuh gaem post~!


~That Bastard

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I really don't watch THIS much anime, y'know...I'm just sayin'...

Aight, I got somethin' special for y'all. Now, I know as of late I've been on a real RAAAAAGE addict run, and I thank all of you who both enjoyed it or simply put up with it...but now I got somethin' to really get yer eardrums wet.

Now, some of you know I'm into anime. I'm not INTO anime, but hey I like what I like, y'know? Especially over the top violence, always dig that shit.

One of those is known as "Hellsing," which features both over the top violence, tons of I CANNOT DIEEEE and damn near Gary Stu levels of omnipotence. Just badasses everywhere...and while it DOES deviate strictly away from the manga at a certain point (namely before Millennium, er...Milleneon? Somethin' like that...appears and the whole NAZI VAMPIRES EATING BABIES thing goes down) I, personally, still find it incredibly enjoyable. Well, except for the final part...but even THAT battle is still pretty cool.

SO, what makes it so special to me is the OST's that came with it, "Raid" and "Ruins." Both have just deliciously MUSICAL music, just real genre-busting shit that's fuckin' awesome~! And what-with in light of my recent revelations about my band concept, No Rhymes, and the whole "fuck your genre" style of music (plus I DID mention it to Tracirz at her blog that I'd post some choice stuff up. Go check her out at ) I figured why the hell not just post up some of my faves from the OST's, y'knowwhat I mean? Admittedly, I'll be focusing on the Raid OST in this installment of Soothe, but hey that just leaves a whole other OST to check out yerdamnself...or just wait 'til I make a Ruins post, yah?

So without further adieu, let's get started with the coolest of 'em all, namely....

"Cool, The World Without Logos" - Hellsing OST Raid

"Double Crossed Fool" - Hellsing OST Raid

The aptly named "Musical Entertainment" - Hellsing OST Raid

"When Going To War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords" - Hellsing OST Raid

...sounds like the kinda title I would write for a song...

"Faulty Neurosis Like Tune" - Hellsing OST Raid

"Certain Victory Lotus Tune" - Hellsing OST Raid

Well, it's hard to say exactly what IS the best about this particular album...I mean, it sounds a TOOOOON better when you just listen to 'em back to back on a disc or whateverhaveya.

Still, some good stuff altogether if this is yer kinda thing. I find that every now and then when I just have this iiiiitch I can't scraaaatch, I slap this on and BOOM, satisfied.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Soothe Your Freaking Beast. I'm of a mind for video games in the next post, yeaaaaah....vidyuh games.

Here's a teeny, tiny hint:

my arm, My Arm, MY ARM, MY ARM, MY ARM, MY ARM....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Y'know, why DON'T we just bust out a good ol' fashioned blowout, eh?

There's this anime called "Detroit Metal City," which follows a Japanese death metal band by the same name. Suffice it to say the humor is excellently done, the situations are hilarious and...well, there's just something incredibly entertaining about seeing the normally meek and exceedingly mild Soichi Negishi being forced to turn into vicious and demonic Johannes Krauser II, and how the two personalities bleed into one another depending on the situation.

Seriously, this shit is TOO funny! Especially the "11 rapes in one second" and "I'M GOING TO RAPE THIS SHITTY TOKYO TOWER!!!!"

No, seriously...this is one massive rape joke. If you ain't into that, you shouldn't check it out...but if you, like I, find this shit fuckin' hilarious then yer gonna dig it up with a silver spoon!

Now, with THAT stated, I ain't one for "screamo" or death metal growling...but DMC exemplifies the shit that I DO like, and I invite you to check it out for yourself!


Slash Killer

Urami Harasade Okubekika ("Should This Vengeance Be Taken")


Mad Monster

Ano Ko Wo Rape ("Rape That Girl")

Maou ("Satan")

Y'know, lemme spoil THIS much for ya: one of the funniest parts of DMC actually happens in the very first episode, but each episode has something to remember it kindly by. DEFINITELY the funniest though is when Negishi (who dreams of becoming a sugary, trendy pop star, but instead becomes a death metal star which in and of itself is nothing but hilarious) must save the girl he loves (a girl who dug his songs back in high school so much she became a music reporter...and who hates DMC, and doesn't know that Negishi is Krauser) by air-guitaring Krauser's moves in order to placate a bunch of DMC fans who became enraged and offended when he bad-mouthed DMC to his chick.

In the midst of his frantic air-guitaring and moves, he slowly bleeds over into Krauser but his thoughts are still his own, right? So he's all thinking "I know what I must do, I know what to say to you my love!"

Then he grabs her by the shoulders and in Krauser's voice, with the spirit of Krauser hanging over him, he roars "LET ME RAPE YOU BITCH PIG!!!" instead of "I love you."

Then immediately realizes he had accidentally become Krauser.

She smacks him and runs, and I don't even remember what happened next 'cuz I was laughing so fucking hard. Seriously, check it out!

Hell, even the TRIBUTE to Detroit Metal City fuckin' kicks ass! Check this out:

WARP (Walking Metal Mix) - by Monobright (for the Tribute to Krauser II album)

Joy - Metal Joy (for the Tribute to Krauser II album) - to be honest I think the band name is Yuki and the song is Joy...but the metal remix is called "metal joy." Whatever, I'll post up the originals sometime for comparison.