Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YOU ARE NOT PREPARED: It's the Iron Maiden Extravaganza!!!

Oh god yes, it is time. IT IS TIME.

These bastards taught me the sweet science of heavy metal music. It's from them that I learned of the highs and lows and the sheer power and majesty that can be found in Heavy Metal music.

It is Iron Maiden who taught me how to stare into the eyes of darkness without blinking and shout "I AM!" at the heart of the world without flinching.

All I can offer them back is my unwavering loyalty (even as I and my band strengthen ourselves and practice our music, Iron Maiden is the one band I will NEVER start shit with) and support. I buy their albums and share word of their music with others. When I drove my friends around, on damn near c.d. I owned, burned or bought, I'd have a Iron Maiden song in there.

And now I'm sharing it with you guys.

Strangely enough, for me it all started with getting Brave New World for my twentieth birthday. A pivotal time for me since it was around that time I started getting more politically active, when I started coming to certain realizations about life here in America.

It was at that time that I noticed on my own how things had changed so horribly for African-Americans here, how we went from a proud culture of intellectual, socially-responsible people to thugs and gangbangers. It was during this time that I became practically vicious in my voiced opinions concerning "thug life" and what it had done to our people.

Back then, I still refused to use the word "Nigga" or anything even related to that word. Martin Luther King would've been proud of meh.

Nowadays, shiiiit I don't care man. At least I did until a few months's weird, I went from severe rage and socio-political activism (actually picketing, getting signatures, slapping senators if I saw 'em on the street) to just a sleepy kind of apathy...but now that I'm back in training and getting that feeling of being a badass back again, I'm getting to be vociferous again, only this time over the Internet.

I dunno, maybe it's all the riots or somethin'. Just the feeling that there still might be hope for the future, hope for America again.

What, you think I'm black? Nigga, I ain't even black. BWABWABWA WHAT NOW SON?

Fuck the racism and preconceived notions, let's listen to some good fuckin' music~!

Flight of Icarus

Die With Your Boots On

The Trooper


Ace's High

Out of the Silent Planet

The Wicker Man (the RADIO edit godammit!)

Virus (it's incredibly frightening to me how well this song describes what's going on in American politico-business strata)

Sign of the Cross (fuck the Blaze Bailey haters, he did a good job carrying the band after Bruce Dickinson. Of course his fans are kinda pathetic in the commentary...)

The Edge of Darkness

The Aftermath



Face In The Sand (once again, it scares me how well this describes our current times)

The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

Different World

If I haven't killed your browser by now, then you're gonna fuckin' LOVE the last two songs on this list that are, in my humble opinion, the greatest songs Iron Maiden has ever made. Maybe not the most popular, but these two have actually and actively affected my life directly, and thusly do I present them to you as I do.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Now, I know I probably don't see a particular song (or songs) up on this list. Well, I gotta point out that Iron Maiden is not only one of the most prolific set of artists out there but also they're one of the longest-running. Besides, I don't want to ruin EVERY album they've put out there (I almost did with two of 'em already), and it'd be best for you to check 'em out and buy 'em on your own.

So there you have it. My big-assed Iron Maiden Extravaganza, and practically the reason why I started this blog.

No matter where you are, friends, no matter who you are just remember this: life is for rockin'.

Do it fuckin' banghead hard, yo.


~That Bastard


  1. The first cassette tape I ever purchased with my own money was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden.
    22 years later, I still freaking love them.

  2. Jesus christ! That's a lot of videos!

    I sort of think about that Boondock Saints show where the black minister is calling everyone in the church a nigger when I was reading about the social change in AAs. Truth be told, the change is happening in all ethnicities, especially since the economy was so great for a while, people started going way too bling bling.

  3. Holy Crap! That's alot of videos... I'm not going to lie, I only got through three. Obviously I know where to come if I feel like Iron Maiden


    @Bowen - Bro? You a bro. For me, it was the Brave New World album...which is weird 'cuz I had heard them plenty of times on the radio. But I didn't NOTICE them until I got my hands on Brave New World and noticed the difference between the album edit and the radio edit of The Wicker Man.

    Weird, huh? Then just BAM, head-first into heavy metal for the remainder of my life, yo.

    @Genetics - HAH, you talkin' 'bout when Dr. Martin Luther King, instead of gettin' shot dead, was merely in a coma and came back to see the state of his people? Yeah. And while it's happening to all ethnicities (white guilt, for instance) the most direct that I've noticed was the enforced change from African-Americans to...well, what they've become today.

    Admittedly, I blame the bling and the sensationalist media. When all kids see is ignorance, then of course they think it's normal...when it's not.

    Sad but true.

    @elisecrets - why hello there, cutie pie! Hey hey, heck 'em out whenever, y'know? Hey, I also got other pages full of awesome music to be found on Youtube...and I also have other blogs if you wanna look around and eat up an afternoon.

    By all means, c'mon back and hang out~!

  5. Iron Madien is a very good band indeed.

  6. Their first album is my favourite from them.

  7. You post so many videos, I feel bad for not having time to listen to/watch them all :(

  8. Awesome videos! Keep up the great work with the blog! Followed!

  9. I used to love Iron Maiden when i was younger, seen em live 3 times. I was shocked and saddened when i found out that Dickinson was gay and was hot for Halford :(
    So...coming back to the main subjet, i still dont know what the heck the word nigga has to do with Iron Maiden hahahahah

  10. You are right. I was not prepared.

  11. Hearing The Trooper makes me want to break out the Guitar Hero guitars!