Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sorry, but it's time for a new music post!

Y'know, for purely popularity reasons I SHOULD leave that OOOOH SO SEXY POST up, but meh...time to post up some new songs sifted from the bowels of pure Youtube awesomeness.

Now I do believe it's time for some "Internet produced" music. What I mean is stuff that gets remixed by some unknown and just floated out onto the Internuggets, or completely original songs done by people over the internet like, well...Morbicae's "Shoop da Whoop" song. Dunno what it's about or where it initially came about from, but holy jesus does it fucking rock!

Here's the full version:

Also, this sweet remix of Playground (lol Another Bad Creation) and Castlevania's Vampire Killer~! Check THIS out:

Y'know, here's another awesome little ditty that I found on the Internets just fuckin' randomly and what-not...

Y'know, this is friggin' harder than I thought! Here, check this out...and my response is "Because fuck Rebecca Black, that's why."

I don't even NEED to tell you about AntfishTAS's fuckin' amazing parody dub of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (one of THE best anime/manga's out there, even if he is going on to Dune-level proportions when it comes to how much material is just bein' put out there. Besides, didn't Jotaro Joestar die already?), but he also did some remixes with stuff from the vidyuh games and anime and...well, dig the Lollipop WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-Mix:

For no freaking reason, here's the opening to his parody dub since it uses the BEST part of Killswitch Engage's version of Holy Diver:

Hell, while we're at it here's a 10 FUCKING MINUTE LOOP of his strangely-dubbed Polnareff voice doing "Hoes and Wine." If you don't get the joke, it's a parody of a song by Alestorm called "Wenches and Mead."

Yes, that IS a great song to go running with!

Y'know, have I posted that song yet, Killswitch Engage's version of Holy Diver?

Shit, here ya go...the KE version:

and Dio's version:

And, to cap off this installment of Internets Musics, here's Imagica - The Night Loop. Because I remember when "artistic" homepages were new, original, artsy, fucking awesome and it was the year 2000.


  1. This version of Friday sounds infinitely better than the original!

  2. This is like BABY MAKING MUSIC FO SHO!!! ^^ Slow... baby... making... music.

  3. god damn friday song gets on my nerves.

  4. The hell version of Rebecca Black's song is very creepy.

  5. Haha Friday in hell is my new favorite song "]

  6. Watched the Friday vid. Wow.

  7. These are really nice, got to love how these things get popular. Btw thanks with all the support with comments and that, really appreciate it. I quite enjoy your blog as well.

  8. @Genetics - Why, Mrs. Genetics...are you trying to seduce me? Because it's working, it's TOOOOTALLY working~! I could envision us making love on a beach with M.C. Hawkings playing in the background.

    IDEA I'm gonna post up M.C. Hawkings music next...I can already taste the theistic hate I'll catch from it~!

    @ICOTD, Mike, T-Papar, ZUUUULUUUU, and Devour - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Y'know, funny story gang...the Cynical Mass version of Friday was taken down for quite some time since Arc Factory (or whoever the hell it is who made that Rebecca Black and other pre-teen tripe they're passing off as "musical talent") got all DMCA on 'em or whatever have you.

    Then it got put back up because so many friggin' fans reposted it (as far as I can tell)...then said fans had to take their stuff down because Cynical Mass's was the "official" Friday in Hell remix. I don't know personally if Cynical Mass was behind that little dick move, but there ya go...

    For all I know it's actually Youtube, not CM, but hey - I only report 'em as I finds 'em.

    @Stigmata - Mmmmm, I really want to just devote a blog post entirely to Vampire Killer remixes. GOD I fucking love that song, and the Castlevania series really showcases some of the best features of vidyuh gaem music in general. Just real memorable riffs, hooks that can play lovingly in the background of the game itself or the forefront of your mind...

    @Tracirz - Thank you~! Here, I'll give you a complicated smiley for actually saying I didn't need to be sorry for taking the sexy blog post off of my frontpage: (=^_^=)

    See, it's even a kitty-cat smiley face!

    @Sketchar - awww, lurve you too bro. I may not like anything-core but I DIG your writing style and how you review 'em. Like I said in a response recently, I truly dig your technical knowledge of the material you cover. That means a lot to me as a reader.

    As a fellow reviewer I will not consider you competition until you stray from your genres into mine COME NOT INTO MY TERRITORY OR I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL YOUNG MAN!!!