Monday, August 8, 2011

Got A Mixed Bag Of Good For Ya~!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Let's start things off with a coupla M.C. Hawkings offerings, eh? Time to piss off my creationist and monotheistic followers~!

M.C. Hawkings - Fuck The Creationists

M.C. Hawkings - What We Need More Of Is Science

Alright, I've had this on my Youtube for, like, awhiiiiile. It's one of the best freestyle raps I've ever heard given by a drunk, homeless guy. Plus the viewer comments are pretty fucking funny, tons of drama wars goin' on there (as of several months ago, at least). Truth straight off the streets y'all, dis nigga true fo real.

Kanookle and Junior - Freestyle

I know! Yeah they don't need help gettin' more advertising (and are, in fact, the greatest trolls to ever hit the music scene since every rapper ever), but hey - I dig their shit. It's like they studied all the old skool shit and just ran with it.

Yeah, it's Die Antwoord time!

Die Antwoord - Wat Pomp

Funny story, I'm actually into old skool style rap, y'knowwhatImean? Only kinda hip-hop is that hip-hopera bullshit, but y'know rap? I remember when that shit was dope before Thug Life was backed by the media as the only intellectual outlet for black people, and y'know what?

I can't stand that cookie cutter shit.

With THAT said, every now and then I come across songs, groups or individuals that are just so fuckin'...I dunno, interestin' that I just nod my head and enjoy that shit.

With THAT stated, enjoy some semi-NSFW (at least, it IS racy) fun with Die Antwoord - Evil Boy~! Prepare for more penis then you're comfortable with:

From now on I'm gonna go around screaming "MY PENIS IS CLEAN! MY PENIS IS STRONG!! DO NOT TOUCH MY PENIS I AM NOT A GAY I DON'T WANT TO GO INTO THE BUSH WITH YOUUUU!" in Swahili. Just...random places.

Worst part about it is that I actually know, like, five or seven people who'd actually DO that shit with me.


BAH, so much rap today...time to get my hardcore chops back with some sweet, sweet metal and equally awesome hard rock!

James Gang - Walk Away (a personal fave)


Alright alright, there we go~! I WILL be doing another vidyuh gaem music blowout but, above all, is the Iron Maiden megapage.

Above all, number one and above all I'm an Iron Maiden fan. It's because of them (the Brave New World album, to be specific) that I came into the world of heavy metal and haven't looked back since. For a long time I was just kinda all over the place after gangsta rap took over the rap scene, and I was still trying to discover who and what I was in a musical sense.

Then I discovered Iron Maiden, and it's been nothing but awesome after awesome ever since.

So until next time, mah peepz! Listen to some good music and just fucking enjoy life, y'know?L


  1. I wish I knew five or seven people to do that shit with, that'd be awesome.

    Also, this reminds me how lucky I was to have a metal head granddad. I got my first Alice Cooper record when I was one and a half years old.

  2. Damn, that homeless man is awesome!

  3. Lol haha the bum freestyle made me laugh!

  4. Bums come up with the best rhymes because they have lived the ROUGH life!

    Btw, that Dio song reminded me of all the cool rock songs my friend would blast in her car as we went to Denny's at 90 mph when school got out early at 9am. Good times. Great song. Keep it up!

  5. Man, I need to remember to bring my headphones :/

  6. @Stig - DUUUUUDE, y'know I was raised listening to all the awesome greats (E.L.O., E.L.P., Boston, Chicago, Kansas, UFO, Cream, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Black Sabbath, Elf, Dio, Rainbow, James Gang, I mean...just the list goes on and friggin' on~!), but it wasn't until I turned somethin' like 20 years old or so that I truly came around to the idea and philosophy of heavy metal.

    Then shortly, a few years later, watched in anguish as it got drowned in bullshit subgenre pseudo-political crap.

    Since then though, I've just learned to enjoy all kindsa music (as obvious by this blog!), but above all I've really just been about punk (REAL punk, not that pop bullshit), hard rock and pure heavy metal.

    Just if it rocks, rock out to it, y'knowwhatImean?

    @Mike and Devour - HAH, yeah! I've had this on my list for, like yeaaaaars man. The comment section is always good for a laugh since it's kinda polarized between those who are all "YOU'RE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS HOMELESS GUUUUUY!" and the others who are all "QQ BITCH!"

    Fun shit, man...

    @Genetics - TIGER HIGH-FIVE, ALRIIIIIGHT! Yeah, you can't go wrong with Dio. Hell, pretty much the entire line-up to either Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny or Brutal Legend.

    These are the true immortals of the world, the eternity of songs that will last in the hearts of minds of rebels everywhere. I guess that's one reason why I'm doin' the whole band thing...I want my piece of that pie too!

    That and to bang groupies and burn a hotel down. Not a hotel room, I want to burn a whole hotel down.

    And yeah, you can't get more street then LIVIN' on it, y'knowwhatImean?

    @FG Bastard - HAH, indeed! Good shit, mang.

  7. @tracirz - Ohhh? But music should be shared! Just...not so loudly in your car that EVERY OTHER FREAKING CAR in the lane can hear you.

    That kinda shit is just wrong.

    On the other hand, hell let it blossom and share it, y'know? Still, preferences are individual...and y'know, there's pleeeenty of cheap headphones out there!

    Hell, I personally use those crappy ones they sell for two bucks at Virgin Airlines. I swear to god they last for at least eight months or so. I always try to pick up at least one when I visit my 'rents in California for Christmas.

  8. I've got a whole building of Juniors that I live with. Now if I could just get them to get along long enough to get a decent video. Great stuff!

  9. Real interesting songs, quite neat.
    Also to answer your question. I consider a band selling out when a band changes their sound in order to make more money. I band becoming popular with the sound they have (and didn't go from something heavy to some pop rock) is just them having success. Since bands need money of course, but I band changing themselves just to do that, would be what I call selling out.

  10. I love the District 9 reference in the Die Antwoord clip