Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dem Brooklyn Bums Blowout

Y'know, every now and then I'll buy a c.d., that way I can honestly say I'm supporting the music community, y'knowwhatImean?

In b4 haters and vicious slander.

Anyway, one of those compact discs that I've bought over the years that ISN'T Iron Maiden related happens to be of a band known as "Dem Brooklyn Bums." I used to listen to these dudes late at night while on security guard jobs, and I'm tellin' ya...they helped me get through a few sleepy nights. Seriously, the reason why I never fell asleep on the job was 'cuz of these dudes, and I swear I listened to that c.d. until it fucking died.

Seriously, it got scratched up like crazy and now all I have is a carcass to love on.

That iiiiiis until I found some of their stuff on Youtube! And now YOU can enjoy 'em too!

Dem Brooklyn Bums - Double Espresso

Dem Brooklyn Bums - Detroit Rock City

Dem Brooklyn Bums - Wifebeata Boogie

This next one, I swear to fuckin' God I'd start each day before going to work listening to this song here. Dem Brooklyn Bums - "Going The Distance."

What can I say, Dem Brooklyn Bums got a mean fuckin' bass, and they do their style SO right! Check it out, comment back and lemme hear what ya gotta say.

'Cuz yeah, they're good~!!!


  1. Dangit, I thought I knew what you meant by Shadow Zone and was going to look all cool, but after a quick confirmation Google it appears I don't. :( Hate it when that happens, lol

    Hope you don't mind if I respond to your comment on your own blog. I would do so in the comments on my own, but I don't ever go back and follow-up on comments, nor do I subscribe to comment feeds (I get way too much email) -- so I don't expect others to ever see a response on my own blog :P


    Y'know what, Trace? Just for you my next Soothe Your Freaking Beast will be all about the greatest and most awesomest cartoon intros ever from the '80's and '90's. Today's cartoons are simply sad, just friggin' pathetic in comparison...

    Now if only I could get DVD's of those old cartoons!

    And it's funny that you're bringing this up about commenting and such, that was gonna be on my next That Bastard On... :D

  3. This made me laugh a bit. Definitely some interesting music here with the talking in the background. Reminds me of Seventeen Years by Ratatat mixed with like Spanish action movie soundtrack or something. ^^

    And yes, FACS is used to sort cells. You put in two or more different markers that are attracted to two different cell types and add them together. The markers bind to different cell types. Because each marker type has a unique color, you can now distinguish cell types based on the color of the marker it's attached to. :3

  4. Man, these guys are pretty awesome! Thanks for introducing me to them. I think I'm gonna go look for more of their stuff.

  5. Just when I was on the lookout for good stuff to listen to, you provide. Excellent!

  6. My fav brooklyn bum song is going the distance.

  7. Awesome videos! Keep up the great work with the blog! Followed!

  8. Hey I like this! Its awesome stuff I must say "]

  9. Didn't see this coming, and Genetics, what is with dropping the wisdom? Who are you?

  10. There's a problem with CD's, you don't get much extra stuff with them. I always look for deluxe editions.

  11. @Genetics - AHHHH, thanks for that clarification~! And fuck yeah, Dem Brooklyn Bums are awesome on top of amazing~!

    @Bowen - MAH NIGGAAAAAH, no probbo bro, that's why I'm here.

    @Stig - That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I bring the heat, brotha, I got more goodies to spread around, y'knowwhatI'msayin'? And for once I'm not talking about my spunk...

    @Copy - DUDE, hell yeah~! Going the Distance is the first song on the album and it pretty much just perfectly sets the tone for the whole shebang.

    @Jason - HUH! Well, welcome to the blog! I got four more and am considering a fifth so if you actually like my writing style as well as the content I find for ya, ya might wanna consider checkin' 'em all out, y'know?

    @Devour - Shway~! I'm gonna take y'all back to the 80's (AGAIN) and maybe some of the 90's on my next Soothe post...

    @Nowaysj - Hey hey now bro, Genetics is a sistah of rare quality and, apparently, bewbage. Seriously, I didn't even know she was a chick until recently - she's got this blog that I comment on a ton devoted to physics, biology and genetics. Being a layman geneticist myself, I find it fascinating. Sure I could google this shit up myself, but she brings it up in a way that kinda eases ya into it.


    @Necro - Uuuuugh, deluxe editions cost. D: Admittedly the last CD I was able to buy was that...oh, what was it? Rob Zombie: Past Present Future, that was it. Came with a bit of stuff, but nothing I'm too rambunctious 'bout, y'knowwhatImean? Good stuff nonetheless.