Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Y'know what you need more of in your life? JIM'S BIG EGO!!!

Some of you will remember this AMV:

Yeap. It's THAT AMV~!!! Waaay back in the day, like 1998 or 2000 or somethin' like that, I ran across this gem like so many others did on the Internuggets. It wasn't until last week that I, literally, decided to check out Jim's Big Ego...

and hoooolyyyyy shiiiit, these guys fuckin' college rawk!!!

So, with that would you like to peruse a small selection of their discography? Seriously, these guys got an awesomely collective sense of humor in their videos, and I can't quite figure out what their genre is...but y'know what? Fuck it, check it yer damn self~!

After all, genres ain't nothin' but further bullshit marring what could possibly be awesome music~!

Addicted to Stress (their actual video, an incredibly funny one too in my opinion)

It's weird, that song pretty much just sums up my whole fucking life.

They're Everywhere

Nothin' major this time around, I've wanted to share Jim's Big Ego with y'all for a little bit now.

HEY, I know~! Let's close out with an AMAZING fan-made music video set to Dr. Steel's "Lament For A Toy Factory~!"

Good to go? Good to go!


  1. OMG, I fav'd that AMV on youtube AGES ago. What a great song. Takes me back to what I was feeling at the time... Thanks for posting! :D

  2. Dude, Jim's Big Ego. They rock, do they not?

    And yeah, that one and that Street Fighter AMV with "Don't Back Down"...for me, those were biiiig at the time. GOD, there was also one for Trigun too, but damned if I can't remember the song...

    Gotta go find it now, huh.

  3. Stress was pretty cool! I relate to it way to much!

  4. Oh man I haven't thought of Cowboy Bebop in ages. And that AMV was awesome!

  5. @ICOTD - yeah, I know right? Freaks me out how that's pretty much my ENTIRE LIFE right there...'cept I need a job in an office. Factory labor is startin' to piss me off somethin' fierce.

    @Stigmata - SPIKEDIES.COM!!!! No, seriously, I freakin' lurve that show up 'til the end, y'knowwhatImean? And yeah, y'know what? Some time I'll make a post dedicated to some awesome AMV's from yesteryear...thanks for the idea, Stig!

  6. Ok - this is freakyweird - I JUST listened to a DJ mixing up the track from the first vid you posted at the Grapefruit Tunnel Trail Cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas...



    Also, welcome to the blog! Feel free to whine, bitch and complain about the music I post up - no one has done that yet, strangely enough.

    But hey, yer here 'cuz you dig the music, right? Hells yeah you do!

  8. Sweet cowboy bebop, I really should watch the whole series, nice music man, followed.

  9. Im kinda not a fan of this type of music, but the second one was okay it had me moving to the beat :]

  10. @Sketcha HAH, yeah it's a pretty good series. Thanks for the followin', I'll do my best to post good stuff amongst all my blogs.

    @Devour Ohhhh? Believe it or not I'm not much for college rock at all, but I'll give just about anything (even pop) a chance if it's good. Admittedly Jim's Big Ego is kinda like Skunk Anansie in that no one's even heard of the band name, certainly no one I know in three states~! Yet they put out product that ranges from good to insanely fuckin' awesome (especially Skunk Anansie).

    Besides, I dig JBE's sense of humor in their videos. I can only hope to have even half of 'em should my own band get big enough, y'knowwhatImean?