Friday, July 22, 2011

Y'know what? Some pretty good music in hurr...

Fun Time De Yah - Night Rider

So yeah, I was postin' up them GI Joe PSA parodies, right? And this just got stuck in my head...and now it's stuck in yours. <3 Well, that was nice and sunny...who's up for some southern-fried darkness? Clutch - Guild of Mute Assassins

Aren't these guys big time now? If not, why the fuck aren't they? They fuckin' ROCK!!!! Seriously, this song along is just...uhhhh...then there's release the kraken and, well...

Here, listen for yourself!

Clutch - Burning Beard

Hmmmm. This posts needs more...just...more...

I know, howzabout some Fishbone?

Fishbone - Fight the Youth


Sikth - Scent of the Obscene

My my MY my my, we've come through quite a few songs today haven't we? Huh...y'know, lemme give ya one that you may or may not have heard on the radio before. I actually hated these guys for, like, the longest time until I heard "Welcome Home" and went "Wait, what the fuck? These guys kick ass now? What the hell?!!!"

Coheed and Cambria - Gravemakers and Gunslingers

Well, that's all for now! Got tests to take and stories to make, etcetera and et al and other nonsuch...


~That Bastard


  1. the only thing I can see is the first, because youtube and the usk, its a very relaxing song.
    Good post, great blog, I following and went on your advertisement

  2. hey wow this is all fantastic stuff. cant wait for more.

  3. @Mike - welcome to the blog! Check back in previous posts and hells yes I'm gonna continue to feature a diverse assortment of awesome music. By all means, feel free to jot down any of the bands from the left list into Youtube or whateverhaveyou and check 'em out for yerself!

    @Sketchar - Thanks man~! Interesting good, right...?

    @MrFeakJ - while I thank you for your followship - and your patronage - I ask of you not to post that you ARE clicking on advertisements or not. Do it if you want or don't - Googles might ban me just for postin' about it. So let's just enjoy the music and the rest of my blogs, hmmm?

  4. Oh man, those GI Joe PSA parodies? I think I just nostalgia'd all over the place.

  5. Love me some Clutch. And some Coheed.

  6. @Stigmata - ENF ENF ENF CALL ME MISTER BEEFY AAAAAND I LOVE YOU no seriously when I step out of the shadows of obscurity and anonymity and am able to reveal who I am, I sincerely hope you say the same thing about MY band! Thanks for the post~!

    @JuX - Welcome to the blog! And fuck yeah, Clutch! Coheed and Cambria I actually had a huge hate on for, like some serious mad just 'cuz it seemed all they did was college-bullshit music.

    LET'S MOVE TO CANADA SMOKE LOTS OF POT admittedly I like Guild of Mute Assassins and Burning Beard more. Then again, I don't do pot.

    Coheed god, Welcome Home, Gunslingers and only issue is that the original youtube post where I found Gunslingers and Gravemakers was just a fan post with their album image up. Then it was taken down and this "official" video was put up...and I'd rather have the fan post up again. This one's much material just wasted. Hell, they could've just shelled out money and make a REAL music video with action to go with this amazing song...

    I can only hope that when my band starts puttin' out stuff, I can remember this lesson that sometimes the fans put out better video product than a band can.

  7. OH, @tracirz - AAAAAAH yeah! How could I NOT post 'em up?!

    Hey, I've got a couple of 'em posted at my "psychotic twins'" blog, Man-Flavored Milk. Go look and enjoy the nostalgia goggles wit meh!

  8. Heard the songs and they are awesome "] Great choice of videos to post! +1

  9. Clutch FUCK YEAH!! they're great, I love their style.

    You should try The Fumes and Left Lane Cruiser if you like this kind of rock.

  10. @Devour - Thanks bro!

    @Come At Me Bro - That's why I do it, chica. Good music that doesn't get a lot of radio play but is just so good that ya gotta share it.

    That's what I do best, y'knowwhatImean?

    @netw - what, southern-fried rock? Huh, I'll keep that in mind, m'man!