Sunday, July 3, 2011


Bad joke title, but a great freakin' song right here...crawlin' up out of the sewers of my teenage years, Meat Puppets' "Backwater," a great song that's just popped up in my head from time to time.

GOD, the '90's gave us so much good music, so many great songs and albums. Like, EVERYTHING by Soundgarden, y'knowwhatImean? Fuck the genre bullshit: if it's good, listen to it!

And Meat Puppets, to me, encapsulates everything great about '90's music. It's just honestly good rock, no excuses no bullshit and (today) no airplay.

Seriously, MTV...what the ever-living hell is WRONG with you fucking people? You, BET, even VH1, it's as if you're completely certain everyone is FINALLY brainwashed enough that you can just sit back on your laurels and stop trying.

Dude, the masses still remember when we had good music, not the corporate-produced bullshit of today. Perhaps there will be a reckoning, perhaps least we still have the tunes of yesteryear, until we're told that it's both illegal and a mindcrime to listen to music about rebellion and imagination.

...and just like that, I derail my own goddamn blog into an opinions portal. Y'know what? Screw it, just listen to the song and ignore me.

As way of apology, shall I leave one more song for ya?