Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So, I just posted up the vidyuh gaem Madworld OST highlights...

and then it hit me: wtf?!! Out of ANY video game OST's out there, there's one that I revere more than any for its' amazing tracks. I mean, there are so many memories tied to this OST for me that I refuse to spell it "vidyuh gaem" when speaking of this.

I'm talking about Guilty Gear X.

Some of you may know this game, some of you may not. Guilty Gear X is synonymous to me for a time of my life where I was practically untouchable. I had my crew, I had my peoples, I had two jobs and was going to school at the time. I was literally kicking ass on a weekly basis and was pretty much a juggernaut in quite a lot I was involved in at the time.

I was incredibly happy.

I would proceed to get to the top of my game, then fall down and am currently getting back up to that wicked pedestal I've apparently placed myself on. I may not be at that lofty goal yet, but it's one I will achieve, y'knowwhatImean?

ANYWAY, I just posted up the previous vidyuh gaem post, noted this then my heart freakin' broke. THIS should've been the one~! My first video game post, y'know? Guilty Gear X: Rising Force of Gear! In order to patch it up, lemme share a meaning or two with these four songs, my favorites out of an entire album that is composed of ALL of my favorites:

Still in the Darkness (Milia Rage VS Eddie)

Mmmmmmm...the coda to that song still makes my heart race. Just...period. Guilty Gear X (and it's subsequent "add-on" sequels, up 'til its' true sequel Guilty Gear 2...which I have yet to play. :( Sad face is very sad.) is definitely a game about the relationships of the characters interacting throughout the history of this amazing, hard-rock fueled world. Mostly the hatred and need for vengeance, but there's bright points too. The story of Milia Rage, Zato-1, Eddie and Venom is a tried and true story of fucked up relationships, black magic and eternal, smoldering, hate-filled, venomous, spiteful vengeance.

No Mercy (Sol Versus Ky)

God, that song...THAT song is what really got me into the idea of doing theme songs for particular characters/events. Out of all my stories and the bullshit that I've written/spouted, I still have yet to really flesh out any fictional relationship as twisted, brutal, and enmity-filled as that between Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. Ignore the Blue Oni/Red Oni bullshit, forget about the "good versus evil" ideals, completely throw out the window the very basis of...well, fuck it, it's just about what has to be the greatest, most conflict-laden enmity I've ever witnessed. Now, I gotta admit that it might not be that bad: maybe my fanboy goggles is blowing up the whole Sol-Badguy-Not-Giving-A-Fuck-About-Ky-Kiske's-Beliefs-And-Existence or Ky-Kiske-Hating-Sol-Badguy-With-The-Passion-Of-A-Thousand-Suns-For-Destabilizing-The-Holy-Order-Of-Knights-And-Plunging-The-World-Into-Darkness.

...naw, they hate each other that much.

Things seem to have cooled off by Guilty Gear 2, but I will always love this time in the video game universe simply because it gave me a rivalry fueled with bitter, bitter hatred. For that I cannot love this game any more than I do already.

Burly Heart (Theme of Potemkin)

God this fucker was huge. Like seriously huge. Like holy fucking shit huge. Like xbawks hueg. Just fuckin' huge.

...that's it. Seriously, I remember this song mostly not because I like it that much, but rather it seems like all my friends at the time (and I DO mean all my friends, especially my weekly crew) just dug the fuck out of this song. I still don't know why, but I can't hear this song without thinking of you bastards.

Rock on hard, wherever life takes you fucktards. For old times sake: it was fun hangin' out wit y'all, and I'm glad I was able to bring you home safely. Now git the FUCK outta mah car!!!

Fuuga (Theme of Anji)

God I hated this fucker. Just hated hiiiiim, but there was only one person I couldn't fight against: this one friend of mine, the motherfucker rolled with May. May is this little sweet, cute, adorable loli who wields a fucking anchor, rides dolphins to attack you and could juggle your ass like it was fucking Super Smash Brothers.

Seriously, if ANYONE else used May, I'd whup 'em...but for whatever reason, the moment HE got his hands on her, I suddenly saw red and just LOST IT. I mean, all caps lost it. All my juggle attacks, my slick tricks with Venom or Chipp (in b4 Chipp Zanuff hate) or even my solid gameplay with Sol Badguy...pfft. All out the fucking window.

...where was I? Oh yeah, Anji.

For some reason, rollin' down the freeway and this c.d. playin' in the car, this song was just awesome. Especially during the summer. I don't know why.

Now, the entire OST is just awesome on top of fuckwin. Seriously, I know I was kinda plannin' this blog all hurly-burly to just present awesome music and such, and this is nothing like my The Bellingham Jerk...but this.

I really wanted to share something personal with you guys, public forums and the Internets and what-not, and this was definitely it.


  1. Fuck yeah! Guilty Gear is beast.

  2. wow guilty gear is nice, love the vids!
    +1 and followed

  3. Ive never heard of that. Good info though

  4. I hate when people ask me what kind of music do you like and then I have to tell them that I like soundtracks and ODSTs.

  5. Lengthy, but enjoyable!


  6. Really liked it, keep these posts coming!

  7. Awesome post, awesome game. It's funny how you associate a game to a time of your life like that.. best time in my life coincided with MGS4.

  8. Awesome post bro, keep it coming