Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready for some good stuff? PROG METAL BLOWOUT!

Time to get our Prog Metal on.

Demon's and Wizards - Terror Train

I actually liked this song more BEFORE I read the lyrics. Afterwards? Meh..."I'm Blaine" doesn't sound as cool as "My friend." Plus it went from pretty awesome sounding to "waaaaah emoemoemoemoemoWHYWON'TYOUBEMYFRIIIIEND?!"

If I wanted that kinda shit, I'd listen to Morissey, who I hate with a blind passion.

Moooooving on with a double shot of Fates Warning, what has to be one of THE best bands from the back in the day, yo~!

Fata Morgana

The Apparition

My god, his vocals!!!!

SO, where was I? Oh yeah, Thunderstone. You NEED to hear this next song...

Thunderstone - Let The Demons Free.

Not the original vocalist (they've since gotten a new lead singer), but a great song nonetheless~!!

Hmmmm, speakin' about Stratovarius-like songs, how about some...well, Stratovarius?!

Stratovarius - Black Diamond

While we are neck-deep in my college years circa 2002-2004, let's go on with some Tristania - Angel Lore...

Now, before I continue know that I will NOT be posting up any Nightwish 'cuz I'm savin' THAT for an Extravaganza. They're up there, man. Ditto for Savatage, another amazing band.

But y'know who I WILL let you taste?

Dream Evil - Heavy Metal In The Night

Y'know, some might argue that some of the bands I've listed here don't count as progressive metal. I say "fuck that shit, it sounds awesome." With THAT stated, I present to you...

Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars



I actually hated this song for, like, six months...and will be addressing how I unhated it after those six months at my tumblr blog. Suffice it to say, I gradually grew to like this song, even adopting it as a personal theme song for quite a few years, and eventually grew to listen to the rest of their discography. Still, I look back fondly on those years when I was listening to this song...and, much like the video game music, this was just during an era of my life that was really, REALLY good for me.

I'm talking about Symphony X - Whispers.

Mmmmmmm, delicious prog metal! Tastes of SMITE OUR ENEMIES and BEHOLD THY SWORD BURIED IN THY CHEEEEEST!

In b4 "DRAGONFOOOORCE" or whatever other faggotry yer 'bout to yell at me.


  1. Mm, Tristania. Norwegians make good ass music.

  2. Not my kind to soothe my beast :)

  3. @Alunith I got plenty more songs on my previous posts. Perhaps you'll find somethin' more to your suitin' there? :D

    @StigmataHandjob True, true~! That and burning down churches. They seem to be REALLY good at that. THIS PROG METAL PAGE NEEDS MORE TR00 KVLT!!!

  4. Metal music have a great inner power isn't only a way of rage expression, it sounds like the voice that everyone suffocate, so it came out from the deep, screaming.