Saturday, July 9, 2011

Faith No More Extravaganza: A late-night too-tired -to-sleep post.

Y'know what a beautiful night like this needs?

A Faith No More Extravaganza. Apologies to my all-time favorite band, Iron Maiden, in that they are not my first extravaganza. I'll get you bastards next time.

Introduce Yourself - RIGHT ON!

Evidence - what has to be one of the grooviest songs I've ever had playing while making love.

Falling To Pieces - Like I WASN'T going to post this one up?!


The Real Thing - I'm fairly certain I had a religious movement when I first heard this song. Just awesome, epic fuckin' music, man.

Edge of the World - is it me or am I just choosin' a ton of their songs from this one album? Can't be helped - I dig this shit too much.

War Pigs - one of my absolute fave versions of this amazing song, y'knowwhatImean? Mike Patton is the fucking Metatron himself, I swear to fucking God.

Cup of Sorrow - For awhile I didn't hear about either Faith No More OR Mr. Bungle (another Mike Patton project), then outta nowhere I see this on MTV2 when they were actually good again. Now MTV2 sucks just as hard as anything else out there. Man I miss the lineups from three or four years ago...

Ricochet - Yeah, why not...shit's good, bro.

Malpractice - Genre? What genre?! Faith No More has only one genre: Faith No More.

BE AGGRESSIVE - BE, BE AGGRESSIVE!!! Is it me or does FNM do a lot of...well, swallowing mentions? Like double entendres abound with Evidence, which IS about semen stains post-blowjorb. I'm just sayin'...

Land of Sunshine - pure fucking awesome.

Y'know what? It's time to kill this list, for now...and I'm gonna do it with one of those "Defining Songs" for my life.

May I present to you, friendly bastards all, to one of my top ten songs.

I present to you Epic by Faith No More.

Maybe you're too young to have seen this music video? Maybe you don't recognize the relevance of Faith No More in modern day musical styles and genres? I sincerely hope you've perhaps picked up a new favorite or two tonight, because FNM and Mike Patton himself have both been influential to many different genres, not just metal and rock.

Enjoy the music, my friends: it's one of the last bastions of hope for the futile future of mankind. It's the last rebellion, the final trump and shout, and, above all, the last fig leaf left to us.